Sai Sengo

Sai Sengo is a proud member of sengo clan. who use Katana style skills.

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Shiro Senken

Shiro Generate Shield for first time in Chapter 06

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Dragon Sengo Style

All Sengo family Members use this style.

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At Last the Family Fude Started

A fight between Sengo and Senken family will unfold in chapter 7. more than 400 thousand year this battle is going on. hime will reveal her true self to shiro in chapter 8.

A history written in blood will reveal in Family Ark. now you will learn about Momo Sengo, the current leader of sengo clan.

Why a senken must remain weak!! the trust of Sameless family will be discribe in chapter 8.

A Intergalactic Fight was gone Wrong

Long Long time ago in distance Galaxy..
Marura’s Army was conquering different parts of universe.
Only 5 space monk, who can control stars to make gamma Blast, who can stand against his army.

They try to uprise against Morura and defend the universe.
Legend Says, there was a 6th monk among them. when the eldest son of morura killed 5 monk in battle.
the 5th monk helped the 6th legendary monk to scape the battle field.

and thats why he could put shield on him. nobody find his remain. this is the story of the
desendent of that 6th monk.

gammablasts the awakening

Chapter 7 On Making

After the battle with pisof shiro faces another fight in his family. he will learn about his long time family fude between sengo and senken.