Gamma Blasts : The Awakening [Light Novel]

  • 13 years ago…
  • a new baby is born that day
  • From distant parts of the universe, 3 people was connected through the universal telepathy channel
  • he just born, at last! we waited million years for him.
  • We need to protect him from their evil Claw.
  • i will use the signal jaming shield around that planet.
  • An Astral projection came around earth and put the signal jaming shield around earth.
  • Be safe the chosen one, we need you badly…
  • Another one was saying….
  • i will left the enhancement system in the cloud for his future use.
  • Long Long time ago in the distant part of the universe
  • the oppression of moruras army make almost all aline race to suffer.
  • there was a group of people, who called space monk. they actually tried to fight with the galaxy destoryer morura.
  • they were 5 people team.
  • they used their ultra skills to produce gamma blasts to save that galaxy
  • they was making the gamma blast to defeat Truth(Meaning) aka Unasa(Alien Name).
  • but legend says, there was an extra memeber in their team
  • They couldn’t finish making the gamma blast…
  • Unasa used his Over power skill to destory the unfinished gamma blasts fution.
  • 4 monk use their shield instantly and 5th monk helped the hidden member to escape the battle field.
  • That’s the Reason..
  • “i won’t let you”
  • he couldn’t save himself from the blast
  • “No..”
  • and his body burst into smithereens
  • even after using the shield, their body was on fire.
  • 5 monks died and their hidden member dropped from history
  • After that blood battle all the other galaxies made an Inter Galactic Alliance
  • This is the Earth Division HQ of IGA
  • One Million years passed since that battle
  • IGA earth division annual meeting going on..
  • Present Day, in Akihabara
  • An untold story begins..
  • 13 years old shiro brust out from his house in a hurry.
  • he is always late for school..
  • “Damn! can’t be late again”
  • this is his story..
  • Akihabara IGA Junior High
  • This is Shiro’s Destination
  • at the gate of the school Someone Standing
  • That is none other than the bad tempered Sai…
  • Nick Name: Sai
    Age: 16
    Skill: sengo sword skills
    extra ordinary quality: bad temper
    Senior of shiro in the school
  • it seems sai was thinking something
  • suddenly he open his eyes
  • sai and shiro stare each other with anger
  • “what is he doing here!!”
  • they sharpen their eyes towards each other
  • shiro”why is he using real sword in the school? who gave him permission”
  • sai’s sword have 3 symbol in it.
  • inside the school.
  • shiro thinking “here we are again, the boring paradise”
  • Class is so boring
  • shiro thinking “Class is so boring, when will it finish? i have other things to do.”
  • clock ticking.
    Ohh!! What a Relief!!
  • After School, Shiro is returning home..
  • shiro was talking in his mind “i can’t take these boring classes anymore. I’ve to do something.. what!?”
  • at the corner of alley. something unexpected was happening
  • shiro heard something”what is that noise!?”
  • “letting you go!? what’s the fun in that?”
  • shiro thinking “I knew it! it’s them, bullying eiki again! got to do something”
  • Without any second thought shiro used his family style senken double dragon kick on them.
  • Those bullies ran away from that alley.
  • “RUN Senpai RUN”
  • “I will see you”
  • they threw some empty threats to shiro.
  • After kicking those bullies away, shiro came to eiki
  • 2 more eyes Watched the whole incedent
  • That evening, At Senken palace
  • shiro “I’M HOME”
  • Mrs, senken give shiro a warm welcom”welcom hone..”
  • Mom(Mr’s senken) sees dust on his uniform.
  • “he picked another fight!” going on her mind.
  • his younger sister”Onii-chan”
  • That night, at family dinner
  • Mr.senken”we need to talk son”
    shiro”about what dad?”
  • Mr.senken”about you picking fight in the school”
  • Next Day Morning shiro and his father practracing Kendo in their family dojo.
  • Mr.senken “what did i tell you!!”
  • This is the reason, he is always late for school
  • Mr. senken “Never try to increase your power or be smart as a senken”
  • half an hour later, they where practricing senken jiu jitsu
  • Mr’s senken”as i said.A senken you must remain stupid and weak”
  • “Otherwise you will face great danger!!” Mr’s senken.
  • But shiro can’t take it anymore.
  • shiro’s father grabed him and tried to throw him but
  • shiro start to retaliate and…
  • shiro managed to put his hand in ground and get his balance back
  • shiro grabed his hand
    shiro “but dad”
    and go at the back side of Mr. senken.
    shiro “how can i be stupid”
    shiro brust out, when he throw Mr.senken with full energy.
  • Somewhere in School, a very secret meeting was taking place
    “this one is very important!”
    “Elder Monk gave me this job”
    “To protect him from any unwanted problems”
    “Only the monks and i knew about him, untill now”
  • “Now since you know about him too, your duty is to keep and eye on him. and sara keep it secret, will ya?”
  • That night someone lose his mind.
  • he is planning to do the ultimate stupidity
  • it was the guy who beaten by shiro that day
  • he was stealing REVOLVER from drawer.
  • his delinquent elder brother kept it there..
  • The Following day sarah was in class looking at shiro..
  • sarah was shocked”So THAT’S HIM!!!”
  • sarah”this is the chosen one! SERIOUSLY!?”
  • After another boring day, shiro is returing home..
  • shiro was talking to himself”DAMN! how long should i go for these boring classes!?”
  • it’s that bully who got beaten yesterday!
    “REMEMBER ME???”
  • He has come for revenge
    “I’ve been waiting for you”
  • Shiro Scared To Death
  • A bullet go through shiro’s chest.
  • Scared to Death feeling of shiro activated the enhancement system in cloud.
  • But the tractor beam of that system reach shiro a bit late.
  • tractor beam pull up shiro’s wounded body.
  • Sai was near by, but he couldn’t reach shiro in time..
  • When Shiro was pulling up to the cloud, 3 masked man watching the phenomena from a distant mountain.
  • 7 days passed by
  • the system was trying to healing shiro’s wounds fully.
  • shiro wake up suddenly
  • his enhancement was completed.
  • and the next thing shiro sees, he is falling from nowhere!!
  • but he did a perfect landing!!
  • shiro was looking at his hands. what is this feeling?
  • he don’t have any idea..

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